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Our definition of a wedding is a celebration of two people in love with each other and show their commitment towards each other, uniting two different families together as one and to become a new family of their own; a huge stepping stone. Embarking on a new journey, a new chapter, a new life, together as one and in simpler terms, it’s a celebration of eternal love. Services provided: traditional wedding, church wedding, theme wedding, garden wedding, concept wedding, destination wedding, dresses, photoshoot, hotel, videographer, ROM, venues, caterer, bridal house, wedding storyteller, lighting and sound, jewellery, transportation. Hence, if you’re looking for a wedding event planner in Penang, Malaysia, you know who to call.


Wedding Planning & Coordination

What is a Wedding?

A wedding is a celebration of two people in love with each other and each shows their commitment towards each other and to unite two different families together as one to become a new family of their own. It is also a partnership between two people that may have a traditional ritual significance.

Wedding Planning

A wedding is a joyous and happy occasion that requires a lot of preparation and months of planning ahead. It is our passion as wedding planners to deliver the utmost satisfaction by creating the perfect moments and everlasting memories of your wedding day in Penang. We are here to assist you with all details from the choice of dresses to photo shoots, to hotels. The newlyweds should be stress-free on their joyous day. They should be allowed to savour every moment and not to fret over decisions.

As your personal wedding planner in Malaysia, we will be assisting you to plan from day one till your actual date. During the actual date, we will be organizing and coordinating with everyone on your behalf.


Wedding Coordination

Planning your wedding is a journey embarked with excitement and anticipation. With so many details, people to liaise with and a mountain of tasks to complete before your actual day, you will need a helping hand.

By signing up for our wedding coordination package, you can expect our professional service to assist you in coordinating with the party involved. On your actual date, we will be coordinating with vendors and planning a detailed itinerary. Our team of coordinators will be with you throughout your wedding day. As a well-known wedding event planner in Penang, Malaysia, we’ll be extending our hand and providing you with top-notch services to lessen your burden on this eventful day.

Types of wedding to consider.


A traditional wedding is a wedding that generally follows certain aspects of the family tradition passed down from generation to generation. Traditions of a Chinese customary wedding include the fetching of the bride and the tea drinking ceremony at both the homes of the bride and groom.


A theme wedding is a wedding that is spiced up by giving it a specific theme. For example, you can have a colour theme where the colours of choice may be pink and white or baby blue with violet and white. The chosen colours will be featured in the wedding decoration, card, dresses and flowers. You can also opt for themes like “butterflies flutter by”, “nature’s blessings” and “chocolate decadence”. This will reflect the couple’s personality and set the tone of the wedding.


A concept wedding is an overall idea, a thought process, forming the base of your wedding and we will then design a theme which depicts and expresses your core concept for the wedding. A concept wedding will be done from scratch to match a certain criteria or theme for an experience that is captivating and mesmerizing to your guests. It will give you memories of something unbelievable on your joyous and auspicious day, truly making it your unique dream wedding.


If you are thinking of natural greenery with the sun shining and birds chirping during your wedding day, chances are you are thinking of holding a romantic and intimate garden wedding with a select group of close family members and friends. A garden wedding is usually small, with not many details and only simple decorations. Most of the time, the garden wedding will also be used to exchange vows.


Having a destination wedding allows you to exchange vows in a stunning paradise. Whether you envision your ceremony on a white, sandy beach, on top of gorgeous mountain ranges or in a beautiful garden, the options for destination wedding locations are as limitless as your imagination. Your destination wedding can also end up as the honeymoon vacation you always envision.


Many churches around the world are famous for their splendor and grand architecture and are perfectly suitable for traditional western weddings. A very well-known church is Westminster Abbey, England which is the choice of many royal marriages including that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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