Flowers, when presented, speak more than words. Flowers can convey your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts in the simplest form. Every person has his or her own rendition and personal meanings - a flower or color that might remind each one of a special event or moment in their lives. Besides having sentimental value; fresh flower arrangements can help you brighten up your living space, giving it a fresh outlook and natural scents to set the mood.




Our definition of a wedding is a celebration of two people in love with each other and shows their commitments towards each other, uniting two different families together as one and to become a new family of their own; a huge stepping stone. Embarking on a new journey, a new chapter, a new life, together as one and in simpler terms, it’s a celebration of eternal love.       



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What is Wedding?

A wedding is a celebration of two people in love with each other and show their commitment towards each other and to unite two different families together as one to become a new family of their own. It is also a partnership between two people that may have a traditional ritual significance. 

Traditional Weddings
A traditional wedding is a wedding that generally follows certain aspects of the family tradition passed down from generation to generation. Traditions of a Chinese customary wedding include the fetching of the bride and the tea drinking ceremony at both the homes of the bride and groom.

Theme Weddings
A theme wedding is a wedding that is spiced up by giving it a specific theme. For example, you can have a colour theme where the colours of choice may be pink and white or baby blue with violet and white. The chosen colours will be featured in the wedding decoration, card, dresses and flowers. You can also opt for themes like “butterflies flutter by”, “nature’s blessings” and “chocolate decadence”. This will reflect the couple’s personality and set the tone of the wedding.

Concept Weddings
A concept wedding is an overall idea, a thought process, forming the base of your wedding and we will then design a theme which depicts and expresses your core concept for the wedding. A concept wedding will be done from scratch to match a certain criteria or theme for an experience that is captivating and mesmerizing to your guests. It will give you memories of something unbelievable on your joyous and auspicious day, truly making it your unique dream wedding.

Garden Weddings
If you are thinking of natural greenery with the sun shining and birds chirping during your wedding day, chances are you are thinking of holding a romantic and intimate garden wedding with a select group of close family members and friends. A garden wedding is usually small, with not many details and only simple decorations. Most of the time, the garden wedding will also be used to exchange vows.

Destination Weddings
Having a destination wedding allows you to exchange vows in a stunning paradise. Whether you envision your ceremony on a white, sandy beach, on top of gorgeous mountain ranges or in a beautiful garden, the options for destination wedding locations are as limitless as your imagination. Your destination wedding can also end up as the honeymoon vacation you always envision.

Church Weddings
Many churches around the world are famous for their splendor and grand architecture and are perfectly suitable for traditional western weddings. A very well-known church is Westminster Abbey, England which is the choice of many royal marriages including that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Wedding Planning

A wedding is a joyous and happy occasion that requires a lot of preparation and months of planning ahead. It is our passion as wedding planners to deliver the utmost satisfaction by creating the perfect moments and everlasting memories of your wedding day. We are here to assist you with all details from choice of dresses to photo shoots, to hotels. The newlyweds should be stress free on their joyous day. They should be allowed to savour every moment and not to fret over decisions.

As your wedding planner, we will be assisting you to plan from day one till your actual date. During the actual date, we will be organizing and coordinating with everyone on your behalf. 

Wedding Coordination

Planning your wedding is a journey embarked with excitement and anticipation. With so many details, people to liaise with and a mountain of tasks to complete before your actual day, you will need a helping hand.

By signing up for our wedding coordination package, you can expect our professional service to assist you with coordinating with the party involved. On your actual date, we will be coordinating with vendors and planning a detailed itinerary. Our team of coordinators will be with you throughout your wedding day.


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About De Montage


Don't you think it's much more practical when you can find everything you may need for your wedding at one place?

If you're getting married, visit us at de Montage, our one-stop wedding hub located at Pulau Tikus. de Montage is managed by Floralsense Creation's sub division, Floralsense Weddings and Events.

We have everything you need under one roof, from Wedding Photographers to Wedding Storyteller to Wedding Cakes and Wedding Chaperone. All our professional services are ready to make your perfect and dream wedding come true.


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Have you noticed how much you are affected by a place's atmosphere? A well-designed and strategically decorated place can define your persona. When you find the right combination to fill up the space, it gives you this feeling of accomplishment and relief. When you have a wedding, annual dinner or other events and wish to grab attention and create the right impact, you will need to coordinate your decorations to create the perfect atmosphere. We will do it your way but with class and finesse.

Wedding Decoration

  • Ceremony

  • Reception

  • Photo booth

  • Entrance

  • Aisle, pew end, walkway

  • Main table

  • VIP table

  • Wedding car

  • Stage

Event decoration

  • Theme party

  • Private party

  • Birthday party

  • Family day

  • Product launch

  • Property fair

  • Fashion show

  • Musical event

  • Anniversaries

Interior decoration

  • Home

  • Office

  • Restaurant

  • Spa & beauty saloon

  • Bistro & pub

  • Club house

  • Showroom

  • Window display

Seasonal Decoration

  • Chinese New Year

  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri

  • Deepavali

  • Christmas

  • Halloween

  • New Year


Each event is unique; each celebration is different. We will make your event or celebration memorable with careful planning and decorations custom-made for you. We are happy to advise or suggest, but will never insist. 


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What is Event?

There are different and very broad categories for events. When holding an event, the purpose and objective will determine how extensive it would be. The list below is a convenient classification to determine which category your event may fall into.

Leisure Events
Family days, leisure sports outings, musical events, recreational events.

Cultural Events
Ceremonial, religious, arts-related, heritage.

Personal Events
Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, class reunions.

Organizational Events
Commercial; charitable; political; product launch; expo; homecoming

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What is Event Planning 

Each event is unique; each celebration is different. We will make your event or celebration memorable with careful planning and decorations custom-made for you. We are happy to advise or suggest, but will never insist.

Event planning should be done in detail with meticulous care to avoid any loose ends. Details may include some or all of these aspects such as budgeting, establishing dates and alternate dates, acquiring event site, coordinating transportation and vendors, developing theme or motif, and many more.

Planning & coordination is the key to running a successful event & we have the experience you need to run it. Leave all the planning & coordination to us and just enjoy the event.


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Event Decoration


When you have an event, to grab attention and create the right impact, you will need to coordinate your decorations to create the perfect atmosphere. We will do it your way but with class and finesse.


FLORALSENSE ACADEMY is established with the aim of bringing more knowledge and awareness to those who are interested to explore and venture into the wedding industry in particular. The Academy has gathered a team of professionals from within the industry including wedding experts, consultants and tutors who are passionate about their work and are willing to share their experiences. This group of professionals run their own businesses within the wedding industry and has a wealth of knowledge to share. The Academy is a specialist school and only offers courses that relate to the wedding and event industry.

With the combined expertise of more than 20 years in the wedding industry, we have built a program designed specifically for wedding planners and event coordinators that is practical, easy to understand and will help make your ideal wedding business a reality. Our tutors are with you every step of the way to hold your hand and help you get the most out of your learning experience. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the wedding industry players during our workshops or familiarization visits.

You are invited to learn more about our program and get your new business started today!



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7 highlights about Floralsense
Academy that you should know:

1. Pioneer Wedding Planning Academy in the northern region of Malaysia.
2. Instructors with passion to pass knowledge and impart new skills.
3. The combined experience of more than 20 years in the wedding industry.
4. Ample opportunities for students to participate and assist in real weddings
5. Hands on learning from key players of various wedding & event related industries.
6. Member for Association for Wedding Professional International (AFWPI)
7. Member of Weddings Beautiful International.
und and LightTransportation


Floralsense Academy is located strategically in the heart of Pulau Tikus, Penang Island, Malaysia. This area has ample food outlets and accommodation. The Academy is easily accessible via public transport. The bus stops are located nearby.



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Learn more about our program and get your new business started today!

Our course covers various essential skills and topics including:
• Understanding the wedding industry
• What is required of a wedding planner & coordinator
• How to create a wedding budget and timeline
• How to create & design a wedding
• How to select the right vendors
• How to set up your wedding planning business
• How to develop professional relationships and grow your business
• What to keep in mind when working with clients

Course Structure

Language: English and Mandarin
Course duration: 4 months (classes) + 4 months (on-site training)
Classes: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Time : 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Entry requirements: Interest & Passion to venture into the wedding industry!



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Jump start your career

Upon your graduation, you will have the opportunity to join the industry as a certified professional who is ready to begin a career at wedding consultant firms, event management companies, bridal houses, hotels or be self-employed (freelance) in related industries.

Jobs with hotels or event management companies may be advertised in the local and national press, in hospitality trade publications and on employers' own websites.

If you are self-employed, opportunities will depend on the strength of your marketing and reputation.



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You will be trained by:

TAN SUAN BEE, A chartered accountant by qualification, Suan Bee was working with an investment bank before venturing out on 2002 to start-off a wedding planning business. She is the founder of Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts; a wedding planning company based in Penang and one of the pioneers to start off wedding planning in Malaysia. She & C Hun has been running it for the past 10 years. They have arranged and coordinated many weddings in different venues and of different styles and culture.
LAU C HUN, qualified as an associate member of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, is the co-founder of Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts. He was working with an investment bank before venturing out to start-off the wedding planning business. Together with Suan Bee, they have established its name in the wedding industry and in the wedding planning business and have built a good rapport with the industry players and service providers.

It will be an invaluable opportunity to learn from these three professionals as they share their knowledge, skills and experiences and at the same time guide you step-by-step during the whole course.



A shape, a colour, a scent in harmonious combination...
A flower, a product of Mother Nature’ artistic expression.
To instill true beauty into each moment that you live,
Strive from the depth of your heart...
and made it creative.